Hey Gamers ! We’ve found that most of the Gamers face trouble in playing Assassins Creed II because of the reasons given above.We have solved these problems for you by a Patch which fixes everything and allows you to play Assassins Creed II. We have tested this Patch and Completed the Game without any problems.  All you have to do is Download the  File and follow the Instruction given.

Instructions :

1 ) Open assassins_creed_2_1.01_us.exe and Install it to your Assassins Creed 2 Directory ( As default C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Assassins Creed 2\ )

2 ) After Installation, Open – Play Assassins Creed 2 – on your Desktop

3 ) Let Ubisoft Game Launcher Update

4)  After the Update Login with any Username and Password which is / isn’t Registered

5) Check Remember Me…(Because you have to use the same Username and Password to Continue the Game from where you’ve Stopped…)

6) It will show Unable to Synchronize Save Games..

7) Click the Cartwheel at the Top and Click Yes ( which confirms that Save Games wont be stored Online…)

8) Click Play Now…

The Game Will Start

Enjoy The Game


You Should have an Internet Connection to Update the Ubisoft Game Launcher….After Updating You dont need an Internet Connection At all throughout the Game…..